In the next 12 Weeks your church could experience the greatest growth it has ever seen. Christian to the Core is a journey to becoming a deeper disciple by increasing your intimacy with God, increasing your love for people, and discovering God’s greater purposes for your life. Get ready to explore the Eight Core Values of the most vibrant and dynamic Christians in the world.

You can use it alone, but this exciting resource is best used in a small group where you can study, share, and pray with others. 


The adult workbook explores the Eight Core Values of the most vibrant and dynamic Christians on earth. Each session gives biblical foundation, personal reflection, group discussion questions, and practical application. Use this study alone or in conjunction with a twelve-week sermon series and small groups where you can study, share, and pray with others.

The youth leader's guide follows the same path as the Eight Core Values in the adult book. Each sessions applies the Core Values in a practical and meaningful way that relates to teenagers. There is also a youth workbook that allows a short devotion and journal area for the youth to complete each week.

The leader's guide for kids ministry follows the same path as the adult book. Each session describes the Core Value, gives biblical foundation, provides questions for a larger group, and age appropriate questions for smaller classes. There are also activity suggestions and an application page to reinforce the Core Value at home.


40 Day Devotional

The Christian to the Core 40-Day Devotional takes you through the Eight Core Values. Each week focuses on a different core value.
Our prayer is that you discover how to walk more closely with Christ, letting His Spirit guide and empower you on a daily basis.


"The Eight Core Values gave us a clear road map for what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and
for each member of our church to be growing in Christ." – Rurel Ausley, Senior Pastor



intimacy with god

A visionary life

multiplication of disciples

faithful stewardship

passion for the harvest

relevant evangelism

family priority