Update on Syrian Leadership Training in Germany from Yousef Sarkes

  • 37 leaders from over 10 regions of Germany attended leadership training to reach Syrian refugees. Among them were Muslim and Kurdish leaders who accepted Christ in miraculous ways last year and are now serving the Lord by reaching refugees. Two men plan to return home and plant churches where there are none.

  • There are 1.3 million Syrian refugees in Germany and huge need for Jesus. Participants in this training event were excited to learn and return to their regions to spread the Gospel. At least five house-churches are planned as a result of this training event.

  • I prayed for a young, Syrian, Muslim woman (25 years old) who was having bad dreams of “black ghosts” in the night. I met her 30 minutes before I had to leave Germany. I talked to her about Jesus, but it was hard for her to believe. In the end, she received Jesus as her Savior and was delivered! She recently reported she no longer sees black ghosts in her sleep, but Jesus instead.

Will you pray for the Syrian woman, the leaders returning to their regions to plant churches, and leadership training in North Germany where there are many refugees and a great desire to reach them?