Growing up, my dad was a pastor who expected me to follow in his footsteps, but I had different goals. I wanted to be a businesswoman and support missionaries on the side, rather than be one myself.

All of that changed when I experienced History Makers.

While deciding what to do on my university’s fall break, I heard some friends were organizing a Christian conference. I decided to attend. I didn’t set my hopes high, in fact, I expected the event to be “just another conference.” 

I was shocked. History Makers was unlike anything I had ever been to.

This wasn’t just a matter of absorbing lessons, but we actually put them to practice immediately. We even went out and evangelized on the streets! 

I knew I had to share this training in Macedonia because I love raising up leaders who have a motivation to live for Christ. History Makers opened my eyes to the vision God placed on my life, not in the business world, but to pursue Him in all that I do. 

Sara Pavlova is from Macedonia and attended the 2018 Europe Summit is Spain.