We are excited to announce Clarity Research has completed their report of ILI’s global impact providing a quantitative measurement according to eight core values and seven outcomes, which are all focused on ILI's vision to “change history by equipping leaders to accelerate the spread of the Gospel.”

The survey included 731 unique respondents from 82 nations. 

The results are outstanding and show a significant improvement in every area measured! Simply stated, when ILI equips leaders in the Eight Core Values, a person’s life grows in those values, resulting in seven outcomes that are at the center of fulfilling the Great Commission.

A few pages to note:

Page 11 - Core Values Overall Results
Page 12 - Improvement in the Core Values
Page 13 - Key Outcomes Overall Results
Page 14 - Improvement in Key Outcomes
Following these pages is the detailed analysis by key regions.

Most market research studies use a 95% confidence level to determine the precision of each measurement. Clarity Research reports that “the quality and volume of the data in this study was remarkable in its consistency.” As a result, Clarity Research was able to "employ a 99% confidence level to determine the precision of the quantitive measurement.” (99 out of 100 people would be highly likely to complete the survey exactly as the results are reports.)