Norival Trindade

Norival Trindade, ILI Vice President for Training, is responsible for all ILI training resources and maintaining the quality of leadership equipping as it multiplies around the world. In today’s podcast, Norival discusses the importance and challenge of contextualizing ILI’s training to best suite all languages and regions. Norival gives fresh insight on how the Eight Core Values integrate together and function in the life of a leader.

The next challenge for ILI is the 100 Nations Initiative. The goal is to equip and provide support for active and multiplying teams in at least 100 nations of the world. Norival reports that solid teams currently exist in 44 nations. The initiative motivates the ILI Global Team to get into the hard work of equipping and inspiring multiplying leaders everywhere.

For more information and to get involved with this exciting movement, contact [email protected].