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Canaanite Woman

While Jesus was withdrawing from the crowds to be with his disciples, a Canaanite Woman approached the men, begging Jesus to heal her daughter who had been possessed by a demon. Initially, Jesus did not respond to the woman’s request and even responded bluntly to her about His mission to save the Jews. Instead of reacting in anger or impatience, the Canaanite woman agreed with Jesus in His words pertaining to her status, yet still responded that He was able to meet her needs despite her lowly status because of His abundance of power. Jesus, impressed by the woman’s faith and persistence in bringing her requests before Him, granted her pleas immediately and healed her daughter from the demon that possessed her.

Though not a Jew, the Canaanite woman had the courage to bring her requests about her child before Jesus’s feet. When Jesus did not respond immediately as she had hoped, the woman did not stop asking Him to grant her the healing of her daughter, but persisted in crying out to Him more for Him to answer her cries. The faith of the Canaanite Woman and her persistence in pleaing with Jesus saved her daughter. Know a Mother who is persistant in her prayers for her children? Share your story! Post a picture of your mom and a quick description of her with the tag #ILIMomsonMission so ILI can see your story!

Jochebed and Pharoah’s Daughter

At the time of Moses’ birth, a new law had been commanded by the Pharaoh of Egypt which required all Hebrew male infants to be put to death as soon as they were born. It was because of this law that Jochebed, Moses’ mother, put her newborn son in a straw basket and sent him down the Nile river in the hopes that someone would find him that could keep him safe from Pharaoh’s law. A woman did find the newborn child, however, the woman that found Moses was also Pharaoh's own Daughter. Fortunately, she had compassion on the child and took him out of the water and eventually, adopted him as her own son. She raised him with all the privileges and protection that a royal prince would have been given during this time.

Moses would soon grow up to play a significant role in freeing the Hebrew people from Egyptian rule, but he would not have been able to do so had God not used his two mothers to give him a life that he would not have been given otherwise. Jochebed was willing to do anything in order to protect her son and give him the best life, even if that meant that she had to give him up and trust in God’s plan for the boy. Pharaoh’s Daughter protected the boy, despite her Father’s law, and adopted a stranger’s child into her home to raise him as her son. Though he was not her birth child, she still loved him as if he was. God used the mother who gave her child up and the mother who adopted the child to fulfill His purposes for freeing the Hebrew people. Know a mother who had to make the hardest decision to give their child up for the sake of the child? Know a mother who took a child in that was not their own for the sake of the child? Post a picture of your mom and a quick description of her with the tag #ILIMomsonMission so ILI can see your story!

eunice and lois

Very little is actually mentioned about Eunice or Lois in the Bible. In fact, the only mention we receive of the two women is in Paul’s letter to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:5, where Paul states, “I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.” Paul is commending Timothy for the faith that he has in God, but he is also allowing the reader to see the origin of Timothy’s faith: his mother, Eunice, and his grandmother, Lois.

Eunice and Lois.png

Both women raised Timothy and instilled in Him, a love for the Lord through teaching Him the truth of the Gospel and by influencing him with their own walks. It is because of Eunice and Lois that Timothy possessed his love for the Lord that allowed him to spend his entire life as an evangelist of Christ.

Lois and Eunice loved Jesus and taught their offspring to love Jesus as well, by instructing their offspring with the words of Jesus as their guide and by living out an example of walking with the Lord in front of their children. Know a mother who has raised their child up with a foundation of the Gospel? Share your story! Post a picture of your mom and a quick description of her with the tag #ILIMomsonMission so ILI can see your story!

Hannah MD.png


Hannah could not have a child and was greatly sorrowed by her barrenness. She refused to listen to the voices of both, her husband’s wife, who taunted her for her inability to have a child as well as the voice of her husband, who naively asked Hannah, was he not enough to provide her with the happiness to cure her sorrow. Hannah, instead of listening to the people around her, sought the words of God for comfort as she cried out to Him with weeping and deep sorrow, pleading that He provide her with a child.

Hannah left the temple with a renewed spirit and her joy restored, not because she had received a promise of a child, but because she received the peace that only comes from finding her complete satisfaction in God, child or no child. She understood that true satisfaction came from God, alone, not from what God could provide for her. Based on the goodness of God’s character, one can assume the ending of Hannah’s story. Hannah received the child in which she asked God to provide for her.

Hannah was a mother who longed to have a child. Her longing for her child, however, did not overshadow nor overpower her longing for the Lord. She did not listen to the voices of the world who told her lies and offered her shallow joy, but rather, she sought her joy from the Lord. God rewarded her greatly for her faithfulness by providing her with a child. Know a mother that possesses a dedication to Christ as Hannah has? Share your story! Post a picture of your mom and a quick description of her with the tag #ILIMomsOnMission so ILI can see your story and potentially repost!