WEEK August 20-26, 2017


Tourism and fishing are the foundations of the economy in Seychelles. The vast majority of the population claims to be Christian, but in reality there is much nominalism and superstition among the people.  Gris-gris (a voodoo-like African spiritism based on black magic and herbalism) permeates the lives of many. Evangelicals are small in number, but have a big vision for church planting throughout the nation.

Solomon Islands

Poverty, extremely low literacy rates, ethnic diversity and fragmentation, and the lingering effect of the civil war plague the Solomon Islands. Within the church, nominalism, cults, quasi-Christian groups, and a persistent animistic worldview are significant problems. Better training for pastors and leaders is critical.


Kosovo is a disputed territory claimed by Serbia, but recognized as a free state by the U.N. and many nations of the world. High unemployment, a weak economy, long-standing ethnic enmity, organized crime, and growing Muslim extremism are significant issues in Kosovo. Among the Christian minority, there is a small but growing evangelical presence. Discipleship and leadership training within the church are in great need.




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